Podcasts, Vidcasts, Vlogging…

Yes, I have my own Podcast / Vodcast / Vidcast (whatever you wanna call it). You can keep up to date with things I have to say, and see videos of things that I’ve been doing.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is an audio show similar to a radio broadcast (but better and more relevant to you as a listener) that is downloaded from the internet and can be played at your convenience on your computer, mp3 player, iPod or any compatible device. If you find shows that you really enjoy and want to receive them regularly, you can SUBSCRIBE and they will be delivered to your computer automatically whenever a new broadcast is available.

A Vodcast or Vidcast or Vlog is similar to a Podcast except that the content includes video footage instead of just audio. If a broadcast contains a mixture of audio and video, you might find that some will not play on all formats (for example you might have to watch the videos on your computer, but can listen to the audio on your mp3 player).

Do I need an iPod to listen to a podcast?

No, although if you don’t already have an mp3 player of some kind I highly recommend getting an iPod. You can listen to podcasts on your desktop computer, on your PDA or MP3 capable mobile phone and you can even burn them to CD and listen to them on any CD player. Any device that can play audio files can be your gateway to a world of relevant audio content unavailable on the traditional radio networks.

So how do I get started?

Firstly you will need a podcast compatible software program on your computer (if you can’t do this see below for other options). I highly recommend using iTunes as it is free, available for both Windows and Mac users, is very simple to use and has other features such as disc burning and the iTunes Music Store. You can get it from www.iTunes.com

If you are more experienced and want more control over your subscriptions, you might prefer iPodderX which is available at www.iPodderX.com

Once you have your choice of software installed on your computer it is simple to subscribe to my broadcast.

If you are using iTunes, click this button:

Subscribe via iTunes

Or for iPodderX:

Subscribe via iPodderX

Or if you require an RSS or XML feed for your software:

RSS Feed for other podcast software

Okay, I think I’m ready

Great! If you need any more help, feel free to ask my Daddy or do a search on the internet – there’s loads of articles about podcasts.

I can’t use any of that software on my computer!

You might be in a situation where you’re not allowed to install software, or just can’t do it for some reason. Don’t despair! There are other options which allow you to listen and subscribe to podcasts right within your web browser. The ones that I recommend can be visited by clicking the links below:

Subscribe via Odeo

Subscribe via podnova

All of the above links can also be found in the Podcast menu section on this website.

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