Our last day of Summer 2007?

About two weeks ago, Daddy thought it would be a great idea to buy some patio furniture so that we could eat outside “when it gets nice”. Of course, then we had non-stop rain for ages and big floods in parts of the UK (so you can blame my Daddy for that!)

However, today it was actually a beautiful day here. Daddy and I went to Morecambe and I rode my bike up and down the promenade. We even had ice cream!

At dinner time it was still very nice, so we made sure that we get at least one use of our new furniture this year and ate our dinner outside in the sun.

Eating out Eating out Eating out Eating out

One Response to “Our last day of Summer 2007?”

  1. Grandad Mick Says:

    Hello Harry , Yes i blame your daddy for all this wet weather by buying that patio furniture . It looks like you are enjoying your dinner , is it chicken nuggets your favourite , and i love the knife and fork.
    Lots of love see you soon

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