Christmas and New Year in Cornwall

After Christmas Day, we travelled down to Cornwall to spend a few days with Nanny Cuckoo and Grandad Rob. I had good fun there, playing with my cars and garage with Grandad. Nanny and I went shopping while Mummy and Daddy went to a pantomime (oh no they didn’t! Oh yes they did!).

At Nanny Cuckoo's house At Nanny Cuckoo's house

On New Year’s Eve I stayed up very late and went to watch the fireworks at midnight. They were very pretty and very loud.

Watching the new year fireworks

We also went for a walk around the corner where we found a house covered in Christmas lights! There was also a snow machine which was turned off, but the nice people who live there turned it on for me!

Christmas Lights

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  1. Auntie Eve & Uncle Tony Says:

    oh wow arn’t you a lucky boy, that house looks very pretty with all those lights, did you give them one of your cute smiles to win them over.
    Missing you loads
    Love and hugs
    Auntie Eve & Uncle Tony

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