My first day at nursery

As I am now old enough I went to nursery for the first time today. It was great fun playing with all the other children. I played with the toys and in the sand, did some painting, had a story read to me and much more. I did miss Daddy a lot and was pleased to see him at lunchtime, but I think I’m going to enjoy myself. To make Daddy happier I did him some pictures.

Drawing for Daddy Painting for Daddy

One Response to “My first day at nursery”

  1. grandad (mick) Says:

    Hallo Harrry, I love the paintings one of them looks like a firework and the other one looks like a monster, keep up the good work.
    Lots of love from Grandad

    P.S. Tell your dad it’s about time he up-dated your web site.

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