My BBC TV appearance

Today I appeared on national television! The 6 o’clock news on BBC One featured a section called “Broadband Nation” and they showed a video of me in my cot, followed by a webcam chat with Daddy and me. I wouldn’t sit still for Daddy and so he had to wrestle with me while he talked!

I am only one year old and have already been on television – my plan for world domination is underway!

4 Responses to “My BBC TV appearance”

  1. Auntie Eve & Uncle Tony Says:

    Hello Harry,

    Yes and i saw you!! your a lucky boy to be on telly. You looked very grown up!
    Lets just hope you can appear in more and become a famous actor or musician and earn mummy and daddy lots of money.

    Lots of love and snuggles
    Auntie Eve & Uncle Tony

  2. grandad (mick) Says:

    You was great Harry, but next time demand a bit of money off them. If you are looking for an agent then look no further i am your man.

    Lots of love

    P.S. Wish your Mummy a Happy Birthday from me

  3. Uncle Keith Says:

    Hello Harrison, any chance of an MP4 file of it? Unfortunately I didnt see it as im so far away.

    Uncle Keith xxx

  4. Uncle Keith Says:

    Hello… I know you’re busy getting excited for your birthday Christmas, but any chance of the video soon?

    Uncle Keith xxx

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