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Harrison-Houdini.jpgToday I once again amazed Mummy and Daddy! I was sitting nicely in my walker as usual. Daddy came into the room, then Mummy went to the kitchen. Daddy saw that I was in no apparent danger and left to go to the kitchen for approximately 10 seconds.

When Mummy turned around, she saw me crawling though the doorway on my way to join them in the kitchen!!! I had escaped from my walker in a matter of seconds, without any apparent harm to myself.

Mummy started to tell Daddy off for getting me out and leaving me but suddenly she realised that he hadn’t.

I’m not going to reveal how I did it as a good magician never reveals his secrets, but watch this space for any further amazing feats!

The picture is an authentic poster of Harry Houndini’s that Daddy has "tweaked" for me.

3 Responses to “The amazing Harrison Hendrix Houndini Page!”

  1. Auntie Eve Says:

    Well who’s a clever boy!! Remember that secret ….. i told you about. Now your getting about you can explore that as well :-).
    Big kisses and cuddles xxxx

  2. Grandad Mick Says:

    Is there no end to your talent Harry

  3. michelle Says:

    well kiddo you certainly know how to give your poor mum and dad a heart attack, please be a good boy and stay where i put you.
    love you millions my little prince.

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