First trip to the caravan

At the weekend I went to visit Nan and Grandad Childs at their caravan in Nayland. I had a wonderful time playing in the canoes, but only on the grass because Mummy said I am too little to go on the water yet. Grandad let me sit at the wheel of his 4 wheel drive but I couldn’t drive it because my feet wouldn’t reach the pedals and I couldn’t even see over the top of the steering wheel!

Harrison in a canoe

I made friends with a whole bunch of cows. My favourite one wasn’t much older than me and I named it “Burgundy”. I also saw some bats!

I didn’t like sleeping in the awning on the first night because it was very cold, but I managed to charm my way into Mummy and Daddy’s bed. Everything was much better later though because I got a whole Mars bar to eat. On the second night I really missed my Daddy because he had to go home to do some work. I was very happy to get home and see him today.

Harrison on Bryan's head

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