My First Morning

I woke up today after quite a good night’s sleep in the hospital. Mummy was there next to me and it wasn’t long before my Daddy turned up too. I was much better behaved than some of the other babies in the room who were screaming all night.

I was just getting used to feeling the air on my skin when a lady that I hadn’t seen before came over and stuck me in a tub filled with water! I wish they would make up their minds – am I supposed to be in fluid or in the open air? Well, I wasn’t going to stand for it, so I decided to poop on the nurses hand – that’ll teach her!

Harrison's 1st bath at St. John's Hospital 19 hours old

After I was clean, I was wrapped up again and went back to Mummy for a cuddle. Soon afterwards we went up the corridor into a little room where more strangers looked at me while I was laid down on a blanket. It was very soft and comfortable though – I settled myself down. All of a sudden somebody flashed a bit bright light at me!

Harrison at less than a day old

Then I was picked up again and taken back to bed. A lady came along and stuck things in my ears to see if my hearing was okay. It was – I could have told her that!

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