Hello World!

Woooah! What the heck just happened? There I was, relaxing in Mummy’s womb and then all of a sudden I start to get pushed out! It took ages and eventually at 16:11 I was out.

Blimey it is bright out here. I’m a bit confused, but I recognise Mummy and Daddy by voice so at least something is familiar out here. Since I got out I have been weighed, cuddled, fed, and met my Grandparents, Uncle and Aunty on Mummy’s side.

Harrison and his mummy at about 30 minutes old at St. John's HospitalHarrison being weighed at St. John's Hospital on his birthday
Harrison meets his Grandad at St. John's Hospital on baby's birthdayHarrison meets his Nan at St. John's Hospital on baby's birthday

It’s all a bit scary, but at least now I finally get to use these lungs that I spent so long growing and I like being able to move my limbs about more easily! I’m going to have a nap and hopefully later on I can make more sense out of all this.

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